As I browse through the internet for casino games to play at home, “chocolates” begins to blare from my computer speakers. A seemingly endless list of websites offers this tempting treat. One website even says “we’ll make it taste like a million different flavors”. In an effort to eat all of these chocolates in one sitting, I decided to try and see if this would indeed be a factor in winning a casino game. Would the same ingredients from one game to deliver better results in another?

Upon receiving my big time gaming laptop, I loaded up my favorite casino game, “casino craps” and opened up the graphics settings. Immediately, I was astounded at the flashy visuals and crisp, clean lines that took me back to my “virtual” living room. When I clicked into play, I was immediately greeted with a big time slot machine with a bright green background and a gorgeous array of icons. My eyes immediately began to water as I thought about how nice it would be to actually place a red and black dice onto my gaming board and try to win some money off of these chocolates.

After winning a small amount of money on this neat little slot machine, I decided to double check and see if my calculations were correct. Well, they were not, for some reason the graphics on the chocolates slot machine had changed! Was it now pink chocolates instead of the customary green? Wasn’t the bonus features I claimed on my previous winnings really worth more?