Why Mobile Gambling Is On the Rise

For many modern players, mobile gambling is one of the most popular ways to gamble online. Studies have found that about 60% of the online gambling industry comes from bets that are made by players gaming on their mobile devices. However, one question that everyone seems to be asking is what the reasons behind this upsurge in popularity are.

To know more, the digitalist.info team invited players to take part in a mobile casino gaming survey. The good news is that our survey was successful since we received responses from more than 500 casino bettors. Our main objective was to accurately assess their reasons and preferences for selecting mobile gambling over other options.

The survey also explored the differences between desktop and mobile gamers and those players who still opt for land-based casinos.

Why Mobile Gambling Is So Popular?

Why Mobile Gambling Is So Popular?

With over 5.1 billion mobile users across the globe today, there is no doubt that mobile devices fully defines the age we currently live in. Mobile apps on these devices are often used to gamble, fall in love, shop and communicate.

Mobile casino games are taking the gambling industry by storm. Based on a report by researchers, the number of people playing casino games on their mobile devices in 2018 was 2.3x higher than spending on the Mac and PC gaming combined and over 3.5 times higher than spending it on the console games. This report also showed that over 80% of the total global spending on Google Play and Apple stores was on their games.

There is no doubt that mobile gambling is not on the rise, particularly when assessing the big profits that some of the mobile technology giants are making today.

In regards to the future of gambling, it is evident that mobile casino games are not just a fad. We are currently looking at some major gambling trends which are driving the mobile gambling revolution.

Mobile Casino Gamblers Prefer Playing With Their Mobile Devices

Mobile gambling is one of the quickest growing mobile casino genres. Based on previous research, 85% of the available special casino users play casino games from their mobile devices, whereas the percentage of the users playing on their computers has reduced from 15% to 6% over the past few years.

Based on previous studies, one of the main differences between mobile casino games and PC players is the time taken for them to feel bored and proceed to other new casino games. While it takes an average online gambler about 9 months to switch, mobile gamblers will technically jump to the new mobile casino applications on average after every 7.5 months. Technically, this means that software companies ought to develop new casino games that can be accessed from mobile devices as a way of providing mobile gamers with a new way of accessing their favorite casino games, which is one of the reasons that has catapulted the upsurge of mobile casino gaming.

Mobile Gambling Innovative New Technologies

Mobile Gambling Innovative New Technologies

Technological advancements have recently contributed greatly to the fast rise of mobile gambling and have put this platform in the middle of over $100 billion gambling industry revenue.

In regards to innovation, mobile casino games are at the center and in front of all these gaming endeavors. From slot machines games to VR gaming lounges, and blackjack with live dealers, there are many new technological developments for players searching for the lifelike, exciting gaming experiences. As a result, you should not be surprised that mobile gambling has gained such fame, people that had never considered themselves as bettors currently have some of the best casino apps. Mobile gambling has immensely become the newest face of mobile-based entertainment, strongly driven by Google’s decision to include mobile gambling apps on their play store app since the year 2017.

Another thing that is revolutionizing mobile gaming trends is HTML5 mobile gambling or the instant games that are available via the best messaging apps. Without any need to visit the app store, sign up or download the app, players may access a wide range of major titles instantly and also get a chance to invite your friends to play with you. The lack of any need to download the app, the increased interactivity and easy access to available casino games, this has played a major role in increasing the number of people that are adopting mobile gambling.

More Women Are Joining Mobile Gambling

A mobile phone ubiquity, along with the ease of use that users can easily access a wide variety of casino games, in ushering in the new era of gaming, the era where more women are assuming the center stage. Studies have proven that over 64% of the females prefer playing over smartphones rather than gaming platforms as compared to 38% of men.

Research has also indicated that women mobile casino players usually tend to play often which makes them highly likely than their male counterparts for becoming habitual players. The invention of the new, very promising and previously untapped segments of the gambling industry has without a doubt been one of the biggest contributory factors in the upsurge of mobile gambling.

Nevertheless, while females usually account for a bigger part of the mobile gambling industry, mobile casino games usually seem to put men center and front.

If developers of mobile casino games can typically chance the available games by providing better gender inclusivity then who knows what the future of mobile gaming might look like and to what extent the mobile gambling market revenue will continue growing.


Mobile casino gaming is growing rapidly every year and it is expected to grow by 18.8% by 2021. One of the major reasons for the upsurge in the use of mobile phones is rapid technological advancements. It is expected that the youths, people under 35 years are more likely to play casino games via their smartphone apps that visit a casino site. Also, most online gambling sites are now offering a mobile casino version from where people can access real money games.

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